My Place to Play

Lately, I've been making stuff. I've been learning how to to use various tools, learned to weld and started wood turning.

My boyfriend Marlo and I have had great fun making a metal fiddler sculpture, several different hanging fountains, and many smaller projects.

On my own, I've been learning to turn and have made multiple muddlers, spurdles, dry vases and a mallet (out of madrone).

I'll share some of the projects here on the blog, as well as other updates. You can see some snapshots of various projects in the Gallery area.  Most items are for sale.


Since 2003, I've run a cooking site / blog at If you got here via Instragram and are looking for a recipe, that's where you want to go!


The Day Job

I have been self-employed for many years, starting as a tech writer, morphing into project management which turned into user interface design. I started writing some marketing web content for a client even when I said "I can't write that fluffy stuff." That led to search engine optimization and I currently balance my time between writing and SEO.

Learn more about my writing and SEO at

The Third Column

The layout looks stupid without a third column but I don't have much else to go here!  Two of my favorite activities involve bows, as shown above. I'm also learning to fly fish and caught my first wild rainbow up on the McCloud River fall of 2017.

Marlo and I like to build stuff together and have build to show off some of our creations.