Wine Barrel Fountain with Hanging Chair Stand

hanging fountainA few weeks ago some neighbors called me to say they were about to take two hanging chair stands to the dump. They wondered if I might want them. I said yes and they brought them over right then!  Marlo and I started talking about making me a hanging fountain. I really love the sound of water and wanted a fountain in my front yard where I could hear it from my bedroom window at night.One of the many cool things in Marlo’s back yard is a hanging fountain that he made from various reclaimed pieces. One of the first things I got to weld, in fact, was on a basket for a second hanging fountain that he was making, which included some cool rusty chain and a huge drill bit. I’m a bit embarrassed by those welds now but still love that fountain.

With the idea to use the chair stand as the foundation for the fountain, I started looking around for something to use as a basin. I wanted something that could hold a lot of water so I didn’t have to refill the fountain all the time. I was at Lowe’s one day out at the nursery and I saw they had half wine barrels for sale. I bought one and we started trying to figure out how we could hang it. In the meantime, I filled it with water and let the wood swell so it was watertight, mostly, again.

We ended up deciding to build a platform of flat stock that the barrel could sit on. We cut slits in them so they would fit together and bolted them to the chair stand.  We also made a few rods to hang plants from, drilling new holes in the chair stand

The flat stock was plenty sturdy to hold the barrel full of water but it had a bit more horizontal movement than we wanted. I bought some chain and we steadied the barrel with those. The chain was coated so it wouldn’t rust but I wanted rusty chain. I went online and learned that people used liquid toilet bowl cleaner to get rid of the coating. A few minutes in that took care of the coating and the chain is rusting nicely.

rusty chain and fountain

After sanding and painting all the metal, we took it over to my house and assembled it. One of our ideas was to use a wine bottle with the bottom cut off but initially we just hung an old watering can. We attached the pump hose to some copper pipe and wound it up and around the chair stand. That sounded good and looked fine…until Marlo brought over this old urn he had. Once we replaced the watering can with that, we decided a wine bottle would be overkill.

old urn in fountain

The next design question was the plants.  He brought over a couple of pots of spider plants and we rigged up some hangers and it looked fine. But not great.  Then I was at Cost Plus and saw these copper hanging baskets. I lined them with some stuff to hold the soil in and hung them. We used some of the rope the baskets were tied together with and we bent some tomato cage stakes to make other hangers.

Hanging Copper Basket


We had originally used the hook that came with the chair to hold the chain but Marlo donated a rusty old hook to the project, which was perfect!

rusty hook

The sound is perfect, not too noisy but plenty audible from my bedroom window. And I can see it and hear it from my living room as well.  I still have a few tweaks I need to do but I love it!

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